Topographical surveys form the core activities of Align Survey and with over 30 years of experience we have the infrastructure, staff, equipment and expertise to offer a professional product, and the experience to manage our resources to complete the task with minimal time. Align Survey has very good relations with some of South Africa’s top engineering consulting firms and as a result we are actively involved in both private and government sectors. All topographical surveys are carried out to TMH11 specifications.

Topographical surveys entail surveying and portraying information about the earth’s surface and anything below or on top of it on a plan and/or in a model space. Information gathered can be as simple as ground levels to calculate volumes and quantities to highly complex and precise as-built surveys to calculate deformations in structures. The representation of this information can be a simple plan to a highly dense and interactive point cloud.

In line with our philosophy of never standing still, we are constantly investigating new and improved methods of topographical surveys. Technologies such as UAV photo modelling and mobile scanning have been investigated.

Notable Topographical Surveys

EB Cloete for the interchange upgrade

Umgeni interchange for the interchange upgrade

Etete Housing development

Cedara Agriculture College

Durban beach front for the beachfront beautification project