Engineering surveys are those that generally take place on construction sites and Align Survey was founded on engineering surveys. Johan Steyn left Basil Read as Chief Surveyor: Natal, to start Align Survey and the company has grown from strength to strength ever since. Align Survey prides itself on using top shelf equipment and the hard earned expertise to cater for any project.

Engineering surveys generally consist of accurate placement and setting out of reference marks that are used to construct various items such as bridges, buildings, tunnels dams and roads. An important person on site, the surveyor is responsible for the accurate translation of an engineer’s drawing from paper to physical things. The surveyor is also responsible for the accurate checking of construction progress and error handling of a particular project and in this instance generally represents the engineering consultant. The saying “penny wise, pound foolish” rings particularly true on construction sites and it is the surveyor who can accurately monitor progress on a build and prevent very costly mistakes and delays further down the line.

Notable projects:

Maguga Dam Wall
Contracting Surveyors

Contracting Surveyor

Durban harbour quay wall extension
Contracting surveyors

Moses Mhabida stadium
Concrete consultant
Roof structure contractor

Umgeni Interchange
Consultant surveyors

Umhlanga Mount Edgecombe N2/M41 Interchange
Contracting Surveyors

King Shaka International Airport
Maguga Dam wall
Contracting Surveyors

Sani Pass
Contracting Surveyors